The (VEC) Voyeur Exhibitionist Club is a private lifestyle group designated for couples, single ladies, and single men within the lifestyle community.

"VOYEUR" by definition means: A person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

"EXHIBITIONIST" by definition means: A person who behaves in an extravagant way in order to attract attention. Derivation of sexual gratification through compulsive displays or showing off one's sexual activity.

"CLUB" by definition means: An association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.

We provide a safe, clean, comfortable, friendly, non-judgmental environment for our non-monogamous members who like to full swap. However we also open our lifestyle doors to our monogamous members who simply like to meet, greet, watch, and possibly be watched while having a wonderful lifestyle party experience.

That's right, we're different than the average club. In most clubs/groups they frown on people who only come to watch. At the VEC we don't mind at all if you decide to simply watch. This is not your grandmother's 1960's swinger orgy feast. The lifestyle has evolved over the years and branched off into several different play styles and specific interests. Voyeurism and exhibitionism just happens to be two of the main lifestyle interests the VEC focuses on. Some people attend our parties & events only to be on full display with their spouse, and they would never dream of swapping, or sharing their spouse with another person. Therefore it should always be about respecting others, as others respect you. The VEC lifestyle events give you the freedom to watch or play at your own pace, your own comfort level, and the liberation to express yourself however, wherever, whenever, and with whomever you choose. So for your next date night instead of dinner and a movie, or Netflix and chill, why not let the VEC be your form of live entertainment. Then go home with your spouse or significant other and have the greatest sex ever.

The VEC events are a fun, relaxed, laid back party scene, with current dance music bumping through the speakers, good hot food, cold beverages, and great people from various backgrounds all mixed into one beautiful group. We have a large variety of experienced lifestyle members, and with our no pressure, voyeuristically welcome atmosphere, it's also the perfect place for newbies to get comfortable being in the lifestyle environment.

Our nationwide event locations change often, because we have several home owners across the USA who requests to have the events at their houses. Only VEC members can view the event locations and sign up for the upcoming events. VEC members are also able to chat, post pictures, view the official guest list, give party theme suggestions, as well as take advantage of special membership discount offers, and much more.

The VEC Private Lifestyle Club is always closed to the public and is a private member's only social club. We invite you to join our VEC membership today.

and Pricing

Membership is always FREE !

VIP Membership

Paid VIP members get the following perks:

  • Discounts on Event Admissions
  • Video and Photo Page Access
  • Chat Group Access
  • Original Fee Locked for Life
  • Vanilla Get Togethers
  • Special Promos

VIP membership fees

1 Year$120$120$50
6 Months$85$85$30
1 Month$20$20$10

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Typical Event Fees

Couples: $30 VIP: $20

Single Male: $60 VIP: $40

Single Female: $10 VIP: $5

New Members

We are a private club and a membership is required to attend an event.

The membership process is simple. Fill out an online membership application, confirm your email address, and then your application will be reviewed. When you are Approved, you will be sent an email and then will be able to setup a Username. With your Username, you can then purchase Events and a VIP memberhip if you desire. Before applying you MUST read the Club Terms & Conditions.

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New Member Checklist

What to Expect
at VEC Events

What We Offer

The VEC parties & events are for our private members only.

  • Current Dance Music , we play all the top charting music that will make you move your feet, shake your body, and have you dancing all night long. Ladies can even request a couple songs for the DJ to play as they twirl around our (firmly grounded) stripper pole.
  • BYOB , we DO NOT sell alcohol. Please feel free to bring your own wine, beer or spirits. We provide cups, ice and basic mixers as well as soda. Refrigeration is available, however we suggest that you please bring your own personal coolers.
  • Hot Food & Desserts will be available in the kitchen throughout the event.

At The VEC, No Means No and clear verbal Consent is required! That goes for EVERYONE! Remember not all VEC club members are attending for the same reasons. Therefore good and clear communication with your fellow VEC members is absolutely paramount.

Club Attire

The VEC is a relaxed, very laid back, yet upscale club. Therefore our members desire to be around other relaxed, yet well dressed, and well groomed people.

Most people will come dressed to impress. Not meaning a suite & tie, but more along the lines of a very upscale restaurant, company party or an event that people will dress above and beyond their normal attire.

Several of our parties have some kind of sexy dress up theme. However it is never required to dress according to theme. They are simply a fun way for us to come together and celebrate certain occasions.

Men will typically come in dress slacks or designer jeans, a nice shirt either button down, polo or upscale shirt, closed toed shoes, and some will complete their outfit with a sport coat or a nice vest.

Women typically will wear cocktail dresses, club dresses, high heels and many will bring extra clothes to change into during the night. Hangers are provided at VEC for small items only, so please bring as little baggage as possible. However if you absolutely need to, you may store your bag with us in the office or keep it next to you for easy access.

VEC will not permit any of the following: Sandals or Flip Flops on men, Wife Beater style shirts, Worn or dirty clothing, Bad Hygiene.

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